Orlando, FL
Feb. 19, 2017

Rosana Stoica

Systems Engineer

Dr. Rosana R. Stoica has led complex cross-functional initiatives (government, international and corporate domains) holding key leadership roles (and/or functional oversight) such as COO/CISO and CIO.

Dr. Stoica has been an award winner leader and contributor to unprecedented global scale infrastructure transitions to the cloud, post implementation audits and innovative complex systems of systems initiatives. In addition to serving as a trusted advisor to industry and government clients at MITRE, she holds the role of VP of Americas for the International Council of Systems Engineering (where she heads the Cloud Computing Work Group) and has been an Adjunct Professor in multiple Colleges/Universities.

A few examples of supported organizations encompassed in Dr. Stoica’s extensive portfolio are the World Bank Group, OSD/ATL, DHS, CMS, AFMS, HHS, NHRC, NRL, AFIP, USMRRC, NIH, CDC, FDA, NRC, USDA, FPBL, NOAA, JFCOM,  DTRA, JPEO, DARPA, LLNL, multiple IM/IT and BioTech integrators and industry leaders.


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