Orlando, FL
Feb. 19, 2017

A CHIO's Journey to the Cloud: Lessons Learned, Best Practices, Next Steps

February 19, 2017
1:40pm - 2:10pm
Plaza International DEF Ballroom

John Showalter, MD, is the chief health information officer for the University of Mississippi Medical Center, a $1.6 billion organization with a mission of improving the lives of Mississippians by educating tomorrow’s healthcare professionals, conducting health sciences, and providing cutting-edge care.

UMMC’s initial migration to the cloud was done slowly and with trepidation. Dr. Showalter was a leader in the migration, and the initial motivation was to work with partners who had the most cutting edge approaches to analytics.

UMMC conducted intensive security reviews on potential partners and only worked with those that had the best security. The focus on security eliminated several potential partners, but cloud-based security has increase significantly over the last few years, and, as Dr. Showalter will share, UMMC has over time had to eliminate fewer potential partners.

Given the success UMCC has had to date, the organization is in the process of moving its analytics onto a cloud-based platform as a service solution and anticipates significant growth in the next 12-18 months.

In this session, Dr. Showalter will share best practices and lessons learned as he discusses UMMC’s cloud strategy and the benefits it’s produced so far, especially the increased agility and ability to scale with limited additional costs.



John Showalter

Chief Health Information Officer
University of Mississippi Medical Center

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