Orlando, FL
Feb. 19, 2017

Precision Medicine and the Cloud

February 19, 2017
3:40pm - 4:10pm
Plaza International DEF Ballroom

This final session of the day, appropriately, gives attendees a glimpse of healthcare’s future.

You’ve heard this before: Precision Medicine promises to change the healthcare paradigm and create a powerful new model of care designed specifically for each individual, offering a much greater likelihood of effectiveness.

But to realize much of this vision, requires eliminating silos and aggregating data from all sources – Internet of Things, patient surveys, genomic data, EMRs, etc. – into a central repository that gives clinicians worldwide access to this information. Many believe the cloud will become the primary platform for the aggregation and harmonization of this data.

In this session, two precision medicine experts wrap up the forum and explain the role cloud computing will play in accelerating better care with precision medicine. And why the future might be closer – and brighter - than you think.


Nephi Walton

Biomedical Informaticist
Washington University School of Medicine

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