HIMSS18 Annual Conference
Wynn Las Vegas
Mar. 5, 2018

Enabling Pop Health and Data Sharing

March 5, 2018
10:10am - 10:35am
Mouton 2

Accountable Health Partners (AHP) is an accountable care organization (ACO) that includes a large urban academic medical center and 48 independent community primary care practices that care for more than one million patients in the greater Rochester region of New York. As AHP's director of information management, LaRon Rowe knows first-hand the power of a cloud-based data repository and analytics platform to support population health management initiatives.

AHP uses the cloud to consolidate and aggregate millions of data points. AHP’s cloud-based population health platform analyzes the data to calculate hundreds of clinical quality measures, cost utilization, risk scores and clinical gaps. Ultimately, this intelligence helps AHP’s physicians make better decisions and support stronger collaborations with health plans on risk based contracts and pay for performance quality programs. 

LaRon is the lead for AHP’s IT strategy, and in this session, he’ll discuss how cloud computing enables IT solutions across disparate organizations and vendors, and breaks down data silos. Additionally, as he’ll explain, this is an “easy win” and faster compared to migrating to a single EMR platform. 

Key discussion points:

  • Cloud-based technologies can support aggregation to a single source of truth that enables success across disparate practices.
  • Physician focus on value-based contracts improves when data is shared and presented in a transparent, workflow-relevant format. AHP’s investment in data quality ensures physicians trust the patient information seen at the point of care.
  • Common platforms can unite care teams across geographic areas, create competition, and foster a community of success.


LaRon Rowe

Director of Information Management
Accountable Health Partners (ACO) - University of Rochester Medical Center

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