HIMSS18 Annual Conference
Wynn Las Vegas
Mar. 5, 2018

How to Operationalize a Cloud-First Strategy for Healthcare

March 5, 2018
2:00pm - 2:25pm
Mouton 2

Anyone can claim, “We’re a cloud-first organization.” The question is whether a healthcare provider, as it develops new products and enhances existing products and services, continually ask, “Will this work in the cloud?”

David Chou, the vice president, CIO, and chief digital officer of Children’s Mercy Hospital, has been asking that question since he joined the highly respected, 367-bed organization in May 2016.

From the start, David implemented a cloud-first strategy and began moving back-ups to the cloud. Today, almost all of the organization’s core applications are in the cloud, its security tools are cloud based, and David and his team are moving more and more way from on-premise data centers.

In this session, David shares his experience operationalizing a cloud-first strategy – and the critical information attendees must know before kicking off this journey. As David, will explain, it’s a big change with lots to consider.

Key discussion points:

  • Cloud-first strategy: What is it and how to do you execute strategically?
  • Negotiating with cloud vendors: What are the must haves? It’s not just pricing. How do you protect yourself, and what are you protecting yourself from?
  • Culture change: What is your organization's current culture and how must it change to accommodate a cloud-first strategy?
  • Creating a team:  What skills does your IT team have, and what skills must it acquire?


David Chou

Vice President, Chief Information and Digital Officer
Children's Mercy Hospital

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